About us

About us

The Castle Guard is a Brigade-equivalent military unit with total strength of 715 personnel, including 73 commissioned officers, 96 senior non-commissioned officers, 503 non-commissioned officers and 43 civilian employees.

The Castle Guard comprises:

  • Command and Staff
  • 1st Guard Battalion
  • 2nd Guard Battalion
  • Castle Guard Band
  • Support Company

Command and Staff

  • The Castle Guard command is a body to provide direct command and control of units, branches and sections, and to coordinate and manage their interactive operation. Its further responsibilities include public diplomacy, personnel management, financial and legal issues for all Castle Guard units and components.    
    The staff provides a comprehensive support to day-to-day operations by individual Castle Guard structures through the Operations Department and the Support Department.

Guard units

  • The mission of guard companies of the 1st and 2nd Battalion is to perform external security duties at the Prague Castle compound, the Lány Chateau and other facilities used by the President and his guests for temporary residence, and to provide their defence in crisis. In addition to that, their mission is to perform parade and protocol related activities.

The Castle Guard Band

  • The Castle Guard Band provides musical support to all protocol ceremonies relating to the execution of the powers vested with the President. The CG band is involved in organising and performing musical accompaniment to funeral ceremonies and remembrance functions in the territory of the Czech Republic. Organises and supports activity of small brass orchestras, fanfare groups and dancing orchestra. The Band also plays in seasonal musical production on opening the Prague Castle’s Southern and Royal Gardens as well as in services and other acts held by the Czech Armed Forces Military Chaplaincy.

Support company

  • The support company provides support to the Castle Guard units in performance of their missions. To achieve that, the company comprises a transport platoon, motorcycle platoon, support platoon and canine platoon.

Transport Platoon

  • The transport platoon provides transportation of persons and materiel according to requirements by the Castle Guard and the Military Office of the President into designated locations.

Motorcycle platoon

  • Its primary mission is to perform motorcycle escorts of the President of the Czech Republic and heads of foreign states during official visits and calls with the President or the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.    
    In addition to that, members of the unit perform specific missions according to requirements by the Castle Guard and the Military Office of the President using various types of specially modified road and enduro BMW motorcycles.

Support platoon

  • The support platoon provides Castle Guard units with materiel support to enable the performance of their principal missions.úkolů.

K-9 platoon

  • Members of the K-9 platoon support guard units are primarily involved in delivering active security of the President’s places of residence. Both sentry dogs, prepared for guard duties in close contact with handlers, and special dogs, for example with training for detecting explosive devices, are employed to that effect.